The Aether Industries logotype circa 2022, featuring orange, light blue and light green circles in a triangle formation, accompanied by the words "Aether Industries - Web Development and Design" in lowercase


We’ve had the privilege of working on a number of websites for local businesses across the Nowra and Shoalhaven areas since establishing Aether Industries as a web design business in 2016, and we always enjoy adding another item to our portfolio!

Every project we undertake gives us the opportunity to improve our skills and services, and we value the unique challenges set by every client as we create a website designed to meet their requirements, or make improvements to their existing website.

Please browse through our past projects in the gallery below (you can filter through the categories using the buttons above the list). We hope your website will join our showcase soon – just send us a message to get started!

How can we help?

We’ve taken on a lot of challenges across various projects for our clients, and we’re ready to go even further!

Take a look at just some of the things we can do for you:

Design a mobile-friendly, responsive website that works across phone, tablet and larger-screen devices

Create a unique design and layout for your website from scratch

Find and modify a WordPress theme for your website that reflects your business

Help you decide on colours and fonts to use with your website design

Create an e-commerce website capable of selling digital or physical items

Add a photo gallery to your website and populate it with images

Select appropriate stock imagery and alter it to suit your website

Create an online learning platform - offer courses or workshops online!

Modify and extend WordPress plugins to add and improve website features

Add custom options pages to your WordPress website

Track down and correct errors in your website’s code

Refine your website content, design and layout to your requirements

Refine and reduce the clutter in your website’s navigation menus

Update and maintain your website’s software, plugins and themes

Help you find a suitable web host and/or register a domain name

Create professional email accounts using your new domain address

Plan migration of your website from to a self-hosted domain

Create a temporary landing page while we work on your new site

Transfer information from your existing website to your new website

Enter new information and content into your website (as well as proofread it)

Help your website’s search engine ranking with basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques

Help you create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google page for your business or website

Post social media updates and link your website to your social media accounts (for automatic social media posting)

Create scripts to update SQL databases with new structures and batch add/update new data/entries

Convert data to SQL-friendly format

Add, modify and remove SQL databases

Need assistance with something we haven’t listed?
Just ask and we’ll do our best to help!

Need a new website, or a website refresh?

Get in contact with Aether Industries and we’ll see what we can do to help.