The Aether Industries logotype circa 2022, featuring orange, light blue and light green circles in a triangle formation, accompanied by the words "Aether Industries - Web Development and Design" in lowercase

Website Design

All of Aether Industries’ website designs are created with each of our clients’ unique requirements in mind.

Whether you’re an accountant, mechanic, plumber or restaurateur (or just want a personal website for yourself), we’ll work with you to put together a website design with features that best reflect your business, and get the most important information to your visitors.

These extra features could be anything ranging from event calendars to food menus or timetables – whatever your needs are, we’ll do our best to find the solution!

The definitive place to share your latest news and information with your customers

Your website is the go-to place to find important information about your business.

Having a website also enhances your reputation in the eye of your customers. Wouldn’t you consider a business operating a dedicated website to be more reputable than one that exists only on social media?

A custom website design tailored to your business shows you’re not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ operator – you’re invested in your business and want your customers to know you’re there for them in the long term.

Your customers can be certain your website information is trustworthy as well – because it’s directly from you. Altered trading hours, news updates, products or services, or special events can be easily added or updated as you see fit.

(If you don’t have the time to update your website yourself, we also offer website management as part of our website services).

Using a popular and well-supported framework

Aether Industries creates websites based on WordPress, a platform used by over 60 million websites worldwide (and over 42% of the top ten million websites as of October 2021, according to Wikipedia).

This means we have a lot of options for customising your website to your needs!

The WordPress platform has been receiving regular updates since its first release in 2003, so by keeping your website up to date, you’re helping to reduce your risk of security breaches and virus or malware infections.

Your website, your needs

Because each website has its own unique demands and requirements, we’re unable to provide you with a baseline price. Some websites require a minimum amount of customisation and development, while others are much more complex – with a lot of hidden features under the hood!

Aether Industries always aims to keep costs low, but a properly built website is not cheap. With that in mind, a website for your business (or personal online profile) is an investment that will bring greater returns in the long run – so it’s worth spending the money in the short term!

Please note that Aether Industries does not provide website hosting, although we are happy to recommend hosting options and providers should they be required for your project. If you require domain name registration for your website, we’re happy to help you through the process for a small fee, which includes the cost of domain registration.

Our support doesn’t end when your website launches

Aether Industries also offers a number of services to help support your website, which include:

Website Maintenance

Regular updates of core website software and plugins to give your website that extra edge against Internet nasties, as well as feature testing so you can be assured that everything works correctly.

We ensure that your website is less susceptible to hackers, glitches and downtime, maintaining your visitor confidence.

Website Management

If you don’t have time to waste keeping your website content up to date, our website management service is just what you need.

All you have to do is provide us with the information and we’ll do the rest – no need to waste hours learning to operate your website’s back-end (or training someone else), and more time to focus on your business.

Website Support

Something is bound to go wrong with your website eventually, and when it does, we’re here to help.

Whether it’s a minor graphical or layout error, a website feature that’s not doing what it should, or your website has stopped working entirely, we’ll investigate the issue for you and do our best to get everything back up and running again!

Give your website a new coat of paint

Considering a website refresh? Aether Industries can help!