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Web Design Services

Many local businesses don’t take advantage of the Internet as a marketing tool – one which has the potential to reach a far wider audience than traditional word of mouth, radio and TV. A well-crafted website can provide a huge boost to your business’ visibility and keep your customers updated with your latest news and events.

Even a simple website featuring your trading hours, location, contact details and information about your business can boost your visibility to your local community. It can also expand your customer base outside of your local area, so you can grow your business even further!


How we can help

Aether Industries can provide local business owners or individuals with websites running on the popular WordPress content management system. This allows the website owner to add, update and remove information from their website as they see fit! You won’t need an expert to change your opening hours or add a new sale or event if things change in the future.

Any updates can also be sent to your social media accounts, so your followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can be notified when something changes.

Don’t have the time to keep everything updated? We’re happy to help with adding or changing content for an hourly fee. Just send us a message through our contact form or on Facebook!


Your website, your needs

Because each project is different, we’re unable to provide you with a baseline price. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your website needs and we’ll provide a quote. Aether Industries always aims to keep costs low, but a properly built website is not cheap. With that in mind, a cheaply made website can damage your business and brand far more.

Please note that Aether Industries is unable to provide website hosting, although we are looking into offering this service in the future. We are happy to refer you to other service providers should hosting be required for your project. If you require domain name registration for your website, we’re happy to provide this service for a small fee, which includes the cost of domain registration. Contact us to find out more.

Need a website?

Have a chat with Aether Industries and we’ll see what we can do!